3 mini ways to consolidate your loans

Being inscribed in records of defaulters closes us many doors, both banks, and private lenders. One way to reopen them is to contract loan with consolidation companies near me to consolidate our loans. We can get up to € 600 instantly to pay those overdue bills for those that end up in Asnef.

Which entities grant mini credits with Asnef?

There are many lenders that will deny our credit application if we are enrolled in delinquent records. However, some private companies can grant us mini-loans with Asnef if our debt is not a bank and does not exceed € 1,000 (or € 2,000, depending on the entity).

Lender Maximum quantity Cost € 100 to 30 days Allowed debt I’m interested
Twinero € 600 (€ 300 new customers) € 35 Up to € 2,000 Apply for
Cashper € 500 (also new customers) € 38 Up to € 1,000 Apply for
PepeDinero € 500 (€ 250 new customers) € 30 Up to € 1,000 Apply for

They will not charge us more for granting us a mini credit with Asnef. If we ask for money from these entities, we will pay the same as if we were not enrolled in a list of defaulters.

Requirements to ask for mini credits with Asnef

If we want to request mini loans with Asnef to these three companies we must comply with these conditions:

  • Reside in Spain We must send a photocopy of the DNI or NIE to prove it.
  • Have sufficient stable income. It is enough to have a payroll or receive a pension, a scholarship or an unemployment benefit.
  • That the debt for which we appear in Asnef does not exceed € 1,000. However, there are exceptions: Twinero grants mini credits with Asnef if the debt does not exceed € 2,000.
  • That this debt has not been contracted with any bank.
  • Have an account in our name to make the deposit of the mini credit with Asnef.

And if I need more than € 600?

If we do not have enough with the mini credits with Asnef there are other options in the financial market. For example, we can borrow with a mortgage guarantee of up to € 300,000. However, these credits with Asnef have their risks: their interests are high and we could lose our house if we do not return the loan.

How to pay off the debt once the credit is granted

If we want to leave a file of defaulters we will have to pay the debt immediately with our mini loan with Asnef and, once done, request that they eliminate our name and inform the creditor company. In order for the cancellation to be valid, we must send a photocopy of our ID along with proof of payment of the debt. We will receive a response in 10 days and we will be removed from the list in a month.

What if I’m registered by mistake?

If we are on the list by mistake we do not need to pay any debt with a mini loan with Asnef; They will erase our name if we show that we owe nothing. In addition, if we consider that this erroneous registration has harmed us financially, we can file a claim for damages to compensate us for the bad drink.